Ladder Training

Ladder User

Ladder training is not mentioned in the Occupational Health an Safety Act, but it remains a high risk activity. The Institute for Work at Heights Professional Body has developed outcomes for a training program and quality assure training providers who deliver this program. The certificates and licences to operate are issued to successful learners by the IWH and are valid for 3 years.

The focus of the learning in this module is on providing the learner an opportunity to erect and work safely on step, single and extension ladders up to 14m.

Practical skills

  1. Setup ladders up to 14m
  2. Secure ladders
  3. Ascend and descend ladders
  4. Work from a ladder
  5. Move and take down ladders up to 14m
  6. Perform post use inspection on ladders
  7. Transport and store ladders


  1. Procedure for setting up ladders in different areas including restricted work spaces
  2. Methods and principles of securing ladders
  3. Method and principles of ascending and descending ladders
  4. Procedure of moving equipment up and down a ladder and working safely from a ladder
  5. Procedure for take down ladders
  6. Methods of carrying ladders
  7. Post-use inspection procedures and checklist
  8. Transport and storage procedures for ladders

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