Fall Protection Plan

Fall Protection Plan

Any work done from a fall risk position is inherently dangerous. The law of gravity states that everything that goes up must come down. In the case of human beings falls are normally fatal.

An employer who performs work in elevated positions has a duty to appoint a competent person for the preparation of a Fall Protection Plan.  This plan must be implemented, amended and maintained related to site specific fall hazards.   The employer has to ensure that there is adherence to the Fall Protection Plan. We will conduct the risk assessment, develop and implement the plan

Fall prevention

Contents of a Fall Protection Plan

The plan must be site specific. Dont use a generic plan!!

Construction Regulation 10 provides clear guidelines on the contents of the plan. Appoint a competent person responsible for the preparation of a Fall Protection Plan implement and amend the fall protection plan where and when necessary and maintain as required. Steps to be taken in order to ensure the continued adherence to the fall protection plan.

The Fall Protection Plan shall include

  • A risk assessment of all work carried out from an elevated position which shall include the procedures and methods used to address all the risks identified per location;
  • The processes for evaluation of the employees medical fitness necessary to work at elevated positions and the records thereof;
  • The programme for the training of employees working from elevated positions and records thereof; and
  • The procedure addressing the inspection, testing and maintenance of all fall protection equipment.
  • A rescue plan detailing the necessary procedure, personnel and equipment required to affect a rescue.

A contractor shall further ensure that the construction supervisor is in possession of the most recently updated version of the fall protection plan.