Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation

Accident investigations are a crucial part of understanding and preventing incidents, both large and small, which can cause untold and often irrevocable damage to individual lives, equipment, organisational safety culture, company reputation and profit.

Incident investigation is carried out to ensure the root causes of all levels of incidents, from slips trips and falls to major incidents, are identified in order to take the necessary preventative steps to stop the same or similar incidents from recurring. this in tern leads to the prevention of incidents and savings in terms of time, money and the protection of lives.

The incident investigation program includes the process of registration with a compensation fund and how to claim from the fund.


H5 – Incident Investigation (RCAT) – 2 Days

The person credited with this unit standard is able to identify and explain the legal and organisational- specific requirements regulating the reporting and investigation of the workplace incidents.

The Qualifying learner is capable of

  1. Explain the legal requirements to record, report and investigate workplace incidents and accidents
  2. Investigate workplace incidents and accidents
  3. Complete the required reports and be able to process any physical evidence which may have been collected
  4. Identify root causes and initiate corrective actions

Skills Programs

This program can be combined to form a skills program, the options are: