Construction Regulations for Contractors


The Minister of Labour has issued guidelines to the Construction Regulations 2014, which was published on 2 June 2017. The guidelines are available for download from various sources including the IWH Professional Body and Department of Labor sites. The guidelines have made it easier to implement the regulations because it clarifies some of the areas of confusion and misinterpretation. It is, however still one of the major causes for delays in the construction industry. Contractors submitting safety files without an understanding of these regulations often end up having to wait several days before the files are approved and in the process loose productivity and money.

Construction Regulations for Contractors

The contractor who engages with major organisations have to make peace with the fact that they will always need a Health and Safety Plan, and the plan will have to be implemented, maintained and handed over to the client on completion of the job. This workshop will provide clear road map to doing just that.

H6 – Construction Regulations for Contractors – 1 Day

The Construction Regulations for Contractors program is designed to clarify the requirements and legal implications of the Construction Regulations. The contractor will leave with a clear understanding of the legal responsibilities on Clients, Principal Contractor and Contractors.


  1. Legal liability, Civil and Criminal
  2. Client duties
  3. Principle contractor/contractor duties
  4. Health and safety specifications
  5. Selecting principle contractors
  6. Provide principle contractor with specifications
  7. Principle contractor safety files
  8. Auditing of principle contractor safety files
  9. Section 37 agreement
  10. Legal appointment
  11. Notification of construction work
  12. Benefits of contractor management

Skills Program

This is a workshop, it cannot be combined to form a skills program

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