H3 - Safety Induction - 1 Days

The safety induction program is unit standard based and it is for those people presenting safety induction principles to new personnel. The person credited with this unit standard is able to explain the duties of both the employees and employers with regard to Occupational Safety and Heath in the workplace. Learners will be able to understand the requirements that apply to persons entering the workplace and performing any duties therein as well as the requirements for the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), housekeeping and emergency procedures that apply to the workplace

Qualifying learners will be able to:

Learners credited with this unit standard are able to:

  1. Explaining both employer and employee duties with regard to occupational safety and health in the workplace.
  2. Explaining and applying emergency procedures in the workplace.
  3. Explaining the general safety rules in a workplace.
  4. Explaining the use and application of Personal Protective.
  5. Equipment in a workplace.Explaining the need for good housekeeping in the workplace.

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