Managers are appointed in terms of section 16.2 every day. These managers are always focused on productivity and profitability normally with very little focus on the health and asfety responsibilities of the employer. 

H7 - Legal Liability - 1 Day

This workshop emphasizes the need for top management to address the civil and criminal exposures on a daily basis and in doing so, protect the company, employees and all persons who may be affected by the company’s work activities.

Qualifying learners will be able to:

  1. Duties of Employers
  2. Duties of suppliers, manufacturers, importers
  3. Employers duty to inform
  4. OHS appointments
  5. Employers duty towards the OHS committee
  6. Section 37, Acts and omissions by employees and mandatory
  7. Fines and Penalties
  8. Construction regulations and contractor control

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