Aluminium Scaffold

Aluminium scaffold is a lightweight solution for access up to a height of 12 meters indoors and 8 meters outdoors. South African National Standard for aluminium towers is SANS 51004: 2009

The system is erected and inspected by the same person.

Training can be done in a single day. Our training center is accredited by PASMA and SSETA. 


S1 - PASMA towers for users - 1 day

This program covers:

  1. Legal requirements and guidance for working at height with mobile access towers.
  2. PASMA rules for assembling, altering and dismantling towers.
  3. Best practice for fall protection and inspection of mobile towers.
  4. Completion of Tower Inspection Records;
  5. Hazards affecting the use of mobile access towers and how to avoid it.

Duration is 1 day and Certificates are valid for 5 years.

Aluminium Scaffold
Aluminium Scaffold

S2 - Erect and dismantle prefabricated aluminium scaffolding - 1 Day

A person credited with this unit standard will be able to describe the components of prefabricated aluminium scaffolding. They will be able to assemble and dismantle prefabricated aluminium scaffolding in a safe and efficient way. Training will also enable learners to move the unit when necessary. Learners will understand that safety must be a priority duration of the erection, dismantling and moving phases.

The Qualifying learner is capable of:

  1. Describing prefabricated aluminium scaffolding and its components.
  2. Preparing to erect prefabricated aluminium scaffolding.
  3. Erecting prefabricated aluminium towers.
  4. Dismantling and storing scaffolding. 
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